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Bansky WANTED in NYC

This weeks Pop-In is the enigmatic street artist, “Banksy.”

Who is this mysterious Banksy?

  • He is a British (unnamed) graffiti artist who has caused frenzy amongst NYC and the world.
  • He is known for his artistic stencil creations that have been featured on streets, walls and bridges throughout the world.
  •  The exclusive pieces of art usually give off a political and social message.
  • The main question and argument within society is about if he is creating art or vandalizing the world. Most councils regard that what he is doing is wrong, causing his work to be painted over immediately. Thankfully although his work is not destroyed forever since his followers take pictures before they get demolished.
  • Still the biggest question is who is he? No one knows! Councils and NYPD all ask the same question.


What is he doing?

  •  He is currently in NYC for the month of October with his project Better out then in.
  • He loves to leave his mark across the vibrant NY city since he feels that art should be affordable and easily available to society outside in the streets rather then in galleries.
  • He even created a pop up store near central Park where individuals could buy his trademark art for $60. An older guy sat by the stall selling the paintings. Passerby’s had no idea who’s artwork these truly were and how they were really valued at $31,000 a piece. He only later shared a video on his website proving what he did, and captioned it saying that the stall was a one time opportunity.

  • On October 18th he set up a gallery outside by West 24th St. There was a bench, refreshments and two of his paintings, so that anyone can come relax and enjoy art in the open streets. He even hired a guard to look after his paintings.


“It doesn’t take much to be a successful artist — all you need to do is dedicate your entire life to it.” – Banksy

Here are some of his artistic pieces:

ImageImageImageBanksy's latest work

Banksy’s latest work

The added value of the Internet

  • Banksy reveals how vital the Internet can be to spread awareness about projects and art
  • He uploads the new pictures and videos to his site everyday
  • He relies on the social media to be able to spread the word
  • He uses Instagram and the hashtag #banksyny that lets followers see all of his artistic work and be able to upload the art themselves if they spot them first.
  • He also engages his audience by adding audio commentary to his website so that they can fully understand what each piece means.
  • The greatest thing in my opinion is that he can form a connection with his fans through social media and the Internet rather then in the structured form of a gallery.

The real Humans of New York

This weeks popular person is someone I truly admire and follow through Facebook on a daily basis.


Brandon Stanton, also known as the creator of Humans of New York (HONY) is popular worldwide for his creative and insightful blog. Brandon started to take pictures of strangers after he lost his job. He decided that he wanted to fulfill a passionate dream of his, to try and photograph 10,000 New Yorkers. This dream has certainly been fulfilled as evident from Brandon’s international popularity. As of now HONY on Facebook has 1.4 million followers. Every day Brandon walks the exciting streets of New York, taking pictures of strangers and asks them questions about their lives to caption the photo. In a matter of seconds, every photo receives hundreds of likes, shares and comments.

Here is a short video that portrays how HONY began:


Why is HONY so popular?

  • People love to see interesting photos and learn about the character’s individual lives.
  • People also like to connect and learn from what strangers have to say.
  • Brandon reveals in one of his lectures at Columbia University that news these days portrays stories mostly about crime, sex and violence. These graphic categories reflect the public perceptions instead of what the world is all about. The media spends so much time trying to give us a “good story” and what we want to hear, that they forget to include the genuine and real life stories. The local news were only covering the extreme and violent stories, highlighting the dangerous areas creating negative perceptions of society. Brandon however would approach unusual and different types of people in New York to hear what they have to say. He demonstrates the real genuine humans of New York as opposed to what the media wants us to see. He shows us what the media does not. He restores our faith in humanity and shows real life scenarios from the good to the bad equally. He shows us the happy and beautiful sides of the world and the love and passionate stories, but he also shows us the homelessness, addictions, elderly, tragedy and crime stories.


Through social media Brandon has succeeded to capture the audiences heart’s by the sensitive photo captions and the honest and charitable things that he has done.

I’m not sure if any of you remember the DKNY scandal that happened last year? So DKNY asked Brandon if they could buy 300 of his portraits to decorate one of their stores, however Brandon did not agree on their price so refused the offer. Some time later, a fan posted a picture to Brandon that proved that a DKNY store in Thailand used his pictures anyway. Instead of going straight to the law or DKNY themselves, Brandon used the platform he loved most. He decided to post about the infringement issue on his Facebook account so that his followers and the social media world can help his achieve justice imminently. Brandon posted that he wanted DKNY to donate $100,000 to the YMCA charity fund as a response to their unethical acts. This noble quest caught social medias attention causing more then 40,000 people to share his status to try an influence DKNY to fulfill his request. It worked in the end! DKNY gave in to the social pressure and apologized and decided to instead donate $25,000. Instead of giving up there, Brandon reached out to his fans to help him raise the other $75,000.

We can learn a lot from Brandon and the way he has conducted his site

  •   Through social media platforms you can reach million of individuals and can spread what ever message or dream you want. This idea can affect businesses who really want to reach the consumers in a different way then usual.
  •  Companies need to try and appeal to their target market and give them not only what they want to hear and what they find interesting, but to show the real personal side to the company so that they can relate.
  •  I don’t think Brandon’s posts ever get old. Every day when viewing his posts I still feel the sense of interest and respect for him. I still feel like I have either learnt something new, seen something unbelievable, interesting, or simply a beautiful artistic photograph with a remarkable caption.
  • Similarly companies must always try and engage the consumers via social media. They shouldn’t just focus on how to create followers, but how to retain them and keep them interested.

Brandons has even created a HONY book which will be released TOMORROW. Many of Brandon’s faithful fans (including myself) have already pre ordered their copy of the book for half price on Amazon. It has been described on Amazon as “a beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and inspiring collection of photographs and stories capturing the spirit of a city.”


Has anyone else pre ordered the book?

Thoughts and feelings towards HONY?

What is your favorite HONY picture?

 Reference to Columbia University lecture:


Can we learn from the Kardashians?

When thinking about popular reality TV show celebrities, for some reason the Kardashians come straight to my mind.

The Kardashian’s started off in 2007 by exposing themselves through a reality TV show called “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.” There is now 8 seasons of this show plus spin off shows starring the Kardashian sisters.


The Kardashian’s were first highlighted and received popular spotlight from Kim’s sex tape that was leaked onto the Internet. Kim managed to turn this negative situation to her advantage, as she developed herself thereafter into a world wide famous brand.

People either hate or love the Kardashians. Yes there is an increase of criticism towards them and their superior lifestyle. Many people express their hatred towards them saying they have no talent therefore no right to be famous. However despite all this we can ultimately learn a thing or two from them and the way they have digitally marketed themselves. Firstly Kris, the Kardashian’s mentor and Mom, is exceptionally responsible for their fame. Kris serves as the manager for the entire family and makes sure her family brand stays strong. She initially aligned Kim with E magazine, which kept her in the centre of the world’s entertainment. After Kim became famous, the entire family extended and breached out to make the brand more popular and diverse, developing a stronger trademark to the Kardashian name.


It’s quite remarkable how this family has successfully stayed in the spotlight and for so long. As a digital marketing expert kris has made sure to constantly flood their names, pictures and videos throughout social media sites like twitter, Facebook, Keek and Instagram.

The Kardashian clan, are each individual “brands,” who appeal to different demographics. Cleverly, the Kardashian’s segmented their market and differentiated who would appeal to a specific sections of the general market, which explains their huge worldwide popularity, since majority of viewers can relate to one or all of the Kardashian characters. For example: Kim appeals to the 21-35 year olds who want to start a family and settle down, Kourtney appeals to young moms and Khloe appeals to weight conscience women. Interestingly, in the current season there has been a more personal introduction into the younger two sisters lives, Kendal and Kylie. The Kardashian brand may be extending to include the Jenner sisters to try and appeal to the younger teenage generation.


Once in the spotlight the Kardashians had the perfect opportunity to expand their family brand to clothing, fragrances and other products. They opened a store together called DASH where they could promote their label and clothing line. They also have an online store (sears.com), which is clearly set out to enable their consumers to purchase easily online.

Kendal and Kylie Jenner also have their own teenage clothing line and online store that is directed for the younger generation.

The Kardashian and Jenner girls all have a huge fan base with millions of followers on their social media sites. This allows them to respond and give their “consumers” what they want to see and hear. For example, when Kim had a baby, the fans and public went crazy trying to see pictures and to find out the name. Finally Kim publicised a picture on her Instagram account, which went viral around the world. It also gives them a way to communicate and advertise to their huge fan base.


Do any of you follow the Kardashians?

Do you love or hate them?

What other popular celebrities could we learn from?



Largest school in the world

Imagine you were able to tell people that you attended the largest school in the world. Now imagine being able to tell your friends that your school consisted of more then 100 million students. This is what Sal Khan has successfully been able to achieve.

This weeks Pop-In is Salmon Khan. Through the use of social media and Youtube Sal has created a hugely popular company called the Khan Academy. Sal is the founder of the Kahn Academy, which is a free online educational platform and non profit organization.

Sal started off by tutoring his cousin mathematics over the internet using Yahoo’s Doodle notepad. Later on, due to popular demand he decided it would be more practical to start loading his tutorials on YouTube where his videos could reach more individuals who needed mathematical help.

Sal’s videos caused a ripple effect in popularity as the interest and need towards them became viral and extremely popular. As a result he received more than 283 million views in just a few years. Students from around the world were attracted to Khan’s concise, practical, and relaxed teaching method. Sal’s main goal was to reach out and teach students of all ages and for whoever may find it useful. Another main goal of Sal’s was to keep this interaction free and available to everyone.

In 2009, the Khan Academy received the Microsoft Tech Award for education. In 2010, Google provided $2 million to support the creation of more courses and to enable the Khan Acadamy to translate the videos into worldly popular languages so that it could be accessible to anyone in need.

Sal has also be named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

So what can Sal teach us?

Firstly he demonstrates how a simple Youtube channel can affect millions of people.

He also teaches us, that a small deed can pave the way and lead to a massive following.

His channel became so popular because it let individuals learn at their own pace without class intimidation. It also allows teachers to be able to monitor the students performance levels by the statistical advanced technology within the website. It gives the teachers a summary of the class performance  and the individual student’s profile to figure out exactly which topics are problematic.


Have you ever heard about this free online school?

Would you watch these videos online?

Do you wish this was available in High School?


Hi Everyone,

Here is the Instrumental video that Sari and I have created to portray how YouTube can create value for businesses.

Hope you enjoy.

#TeamTrent or #TeamKetut?

Katut and Rhonda’s love story saga has captured our hearts from the moment the commercials aired TV.


Recently AAMI has introduced a new safe Driver Rewards campaign starring the most lovable and talked about couple, Katut and Rhonda. This social media campaign was designed to measure the public opinion on who Rhonda should choose to spend the rest of her life with. Her bachelor choice is between Katut, her fantasy holiday lover, and her ex jockey boyfriend Trent.

A website has even been created (http://whosrightforrhonda.com.au/ ) that asks viewers to vote and pledge their loyalties to either #TeamTrent or #TeamKetut.

So how was AAMI so successful in encapsulating Australia in the first place?

–       Firstly they were able to convey the benefits of being with AAMI and how our lives can become trouble-free. They brought this message out in realistic way that we can understand.

–       There was an emotional connection with the viewers

–       They chose a creative way of presenting the message so people will first feel connected to the characters and then realize and become aware of the brand.

–       They continued with the narrative by promoting Rhonda and Katut through appearances at AAMI events.

–       Lastly AMMI were so successful since they tried not to overdo it. They didn’t want to bore or annoy their viewers by making too many ads so they limited them accordingly.

So overall were they successful?

They were extremely successful. We see this from the amount of increased sales that they received. It’s said that between October 2011 and April 2012, AAMI experienced a 21.7% increase in new business opportunities.

Who would you support: #TeamTrent or #TeamKetut?

Boost challenges our dignities

This week I will look at a popular brand instead of a popular person.

Boost juice use Facebook and other social media tools to promote their amazing challenges and competitions. They hold the most creative and fun promotions that encourage their customers to get involved. Boost juices defiantly know how to create a successful marketing campaign. I remember last year they had this two-week challenge that gave customers a free boost juice if they participated in a fun filled harmless dare.

I personally loved these challenges, even if they meant I had to loose a bit of my dignity. The first challenge was Undy Monday. Which meant you had to either come to the store with your underwear on your head or over your pants. 



There were other challenges like bring your teddy to store day, watermelon Wednesday, footy Fursday, firemen Friday, my pet Monday, wedding dress Wednesday and twirling hulla Thursday.

These harmless and fun dares let the customers get involved and promoted Boost through everyone else’s Facebook pictures. 



Alan the dog also became popular from all the challenges. He was such a success that he got his own challenge to be able to meet him in Sydney. They had to come up in 25 words or less with the ideal ingredients for a smoothie for Alan the dog.



I also find it interesting and professional how the boost juice staff interacts with their customers over Facebook. Whenever someone leaves a message on the social media page, a fun and personal response is quickly delivered. Also when negative comments are written, the response is always helpful and professional to counteract the negativity. 



Who else participated in these challenges? 

Did you share your boost embarrassing photo’s on Facebook or other social media sites?